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Himkaar Singh


+27 72 795 8283

Dainfern, Johannesburg

Organic kitchen waste recycling

Introducing a new kind of recycling!
We collect your food waste and 
give you back

enriched vermicompost to grow fresh food!


South Africa doesn't seem to be hitting the nail on the head when it comes to solving its water problems. If we don't make quick and effective action then our food security could be threatened. We traveled the world to discover what we need to do and we think we found an amazing solution. We need to focus on the fundamentals - something which is getting little attention - the soil.


We met with top researchers and studied the problem deeply. Then we developed a model where every second we spend on the business contributes towards solving this problem. Our customers join us because they see us making action everyday towards the world they envision for their children. It's important that you know this vision because you play a very important role in it.

Join all of us now!

How Does It Work?

Sign up

easily online

We supply you with a special organic bin

Place your organic bin at the curb on collection day

Our earthworms have dinner

You receive 2kg of vermicompost every month

What Customers Say

Susan Harwood

We were impressed and excited when we first heard about Himkaar’s initiative and were one of the first to sign up for his composting services. The fees are minimal and so far 6 months into the weekly collection we are delighted. The system is simple and runs seamlessly. Each month we have received a box of vermicompost in which has been planted a small herb (different each time) for potting or placing in the garden. It’s such a good feeling to know we’re no longer wasting our organic waste and making a contribution to a better world!

Our Vermicompost Is Best For:

Pot Plants
Sick Plants
Sensitive Plants
Indoor Plants