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A year's worth of bananas costs you R600 in PEELS. Don't let it go to waste

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Throwing away food is painful,
but you can still put it to good use

Have you experienced that feeling of lost potential when you throw away food? We believe that feeling is telling us "there must be a better way"

We collect your food waste weekly from your home and give you back vermicompost made by earthworms.

This is the new Circular Economy where your food waste comes back to you as a resource to grow organic vegetables again.

We believe this is how Earth wants us to live.

Food waste collection

Weekly collection from your home

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easily online


You receive a special food waste bin


Place your bin outside every week


Our earthworms have dinner


You get back 2kg of vermicompost every month

350+ zero-waste families in JHB

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The Compost Kitchen is a fantastic initiative to get back to nature and back to basics by recycling your organic kitchen waste. The concept that you receive some vermicompost once a month is an excellent way of educating young minds as to the value of a healthy and sustainable food chain and how each one of us can make a difference.

Natalie Beveridge

Live More Sustainably

Have you ever felt that pang of regret when you toss away food? It's that split-second moment—a moment of hesitation, a moment of reflection. It's the weight of knowing that what you're discarding could have been so much more.

Imagine turning that feeling of waste into worth. Every apple core, every leftover dinner plate, each item that lands in the bin—a chance for renewal. Through composting, these discarded scraps become a source of growth, enriching the soil, nurturing gardens, and contributing to a sustainable future.

Doing our part towards the SDGs

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If you can't finish your food, our worms will!

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