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Himkaar Singh


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Dainfern, Johannesburg

Organic kitchen waste recycling

Product Information

The type of worms we use for composting are called Eisenia Fetida. These worms are popularly used in permaculture systems.


They like to live in a box type of environment which needs to be very moist because they breathe through their skin. They need good aeration so one's worm box should never be sealed with a lid. The worms like to eat organic kitchen waste like spoiled fruit and vegetables, and their poo is some of the best quality compost you can get because it is rich in beneficial bacteria which comes from their gizzard (stomach). They're also super fun to watch!


For those wanting to start their own worm bin, we suggest starting out with any box/container that you have. Just add a little organic waste, 'bedding material' like finished compost or grass cuttings, and worms. 1500 worms is usually enough to start a home vermicompost box.


Additionally, when you buy worms from us, you will get access to our concise vermicomposting guide which is informed by scientific publications (not blogs or home videos). 

Eisenia Fetida Compost worms

  • When you purchase our worms, we'll send you a care guide which is compiled from a lot of scientific information and only available to our customers