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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I put in the organic bin?
    What can go in the bin: Any kind of food waste, including Meat and bones Egg shells Coked food However to have the most pleasent experience it is better to only put raw vegan waste such as: Vegetable and fruit offcuts Rotten fruit and vegetables Tea bags Coffee grounds What can't go in the bin for now Liquids Tissue papers Anything artificial. Please avoid throwing wrappers in the bin because the worms might eat it and die
  • Is collection available in my area?
    Organic waste collection is available in the following areas. If your location is not in our collection zone, let us know, and if we receive many requests from there then we will expand to you.
  • How does collection work?
    After you subscribe, we supply you with an organic waste bin. We'll let you know when is collection day. On collection day, place your bin at the curb, and we will come to empty it with our bicycle trailer or bakkie.
  • How does Netcash debit order work?
    South Africa has some of the best banking systems in the world so we've chosen to integrate this Netcash solution because we want to make recycling as effortless as possible for the customer. If you choose the Netcash debit order method, we'll create an electronic mandate with Netcash to setup your debit order. This gives you convenience so that you don't need to log in to your bank to pay each month, nor track statements. The debit order does not run every month without us approving it every time on our side. This enables us to remove anyone from a debit order without hassel. This means that you can cancel your service at any time without filling in any forms. For example, if you are moving houses, you can just let us know and then the debit order is immediately cancelled. Let us know if you have any questions
  • How does EFT payment work?
    The service fee is due in advance of the month to come, but don't worry, on the 28th of each month we'll send you an invoice to remind you. If your service is starting in the middle of the month, we will calculate your first service fee as follows: R190 (bin) + R190 x Collections left in month / Collections in month
  • Why should I pay for organic waste collection?
    We need to change the waste system to realize that waste is a resource. But how can we do this in the current system when we put our waste in the garbage and never see it again? So we're changing things up a bit... We take your waste, and then give it back to you in the form of valuable vermicompost. This way you get something back. But it is not only about getting something back. It is about believing in a company that has the potential to make social impact in your community, with a sustainable, informed and generous model. Government is not going to solve this problem for you even though you pay rates and taxes. It is up to us to get it done.
  • Will the organic waste bin smell?
    You may have experienced a bad odour from rotting fruit in a container before. This bad smell comes from methane generated from the rotting process, but is caused because the container was sealed - creating anearobic conditions. If air was allowed to circulate around the fruit, it would create aerobic decomposition which doesn't produce methane. So the bin that we give you has been customized to have aeration holes, which are big enough to allow air to flow, but small enough to prevent insects from entering. It might attract a few fruit flies, but they are beneficial and harmless. Meat and cooked food will naturally attract flies and cause smells in summer but you are free to decide what to put in it. We can advise on different solutions if you have problems, but it should definitely be better than putting in your big bin. If you start to experience maggots in your bin, you can try sprinklin our Maggy Powder in your waste, which is a biodegrable enzyme which will reduce eggs from hatching.

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