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Dear Locked-Down Recycler

Our President has reiterated the importance of curtailing the spread of Coronavirus by all of us, as individuals and businesses, showing a commitment to the safety of others through sustained adherence to the key principles of lockdown.

As a waste collector we could apply for, and most likely get, an essential service provider certificate. But before making the decision to apply we are guided by the key objective of the lockdown which is to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

We need to take an objective view on whether society really needs our service right now or if it can wait irrespective on the impact the decision may have on our business.

We think like this because our business is not only about soil, it is about giving a better example of how business can be done. Our way of doing business is driven by the ethics we wish to see adopted by all South African business. It is a multi-impact, business un-usual model. The business is the impact itself. We don't need to make money to do good on the side, every second the business operates it is doing good.

Our food waste collection service has a high risk of acquiring and transmitting the virus therefore we think it is in the interest of society to keep the service on hold until the president deems it safe.

As difficult as it is to put our business in jeopardy of closing, our decisions always take direction by what is best for our customers and their fellow South Africans.

That does not mean that we have stopped working, as we continue to nurture hundreds of winter seedlings to give to those who continue to support us. Luckily, seedlings continue to grow regardless of lockdown so we will be able to offer you the same value as you have come to expect from us.

We will always do our best to lead through actions that we wish to see more of in society. We hope you understand our decision and that you will stand with us and will continue to support us.

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