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An organic soil conditioner! Vermicompost is made by nature’s earthworms. The earthworms eat organic waste and poop rich compost. This compost is known as the best type of compost because it is biologically rich and nutrient dense. Most customers are lucky enough to receive earthworms and earthworm eggs too. 


  • Rich in biology which creates an ecosystem which keeps pests in check
  • Balanced nutrients to keep the system stable
  • Enhances the soil's ability to hold onto water through a 'clay humus' molecule
  • It's the way nature feeds soil
  • A 10 Litre bag can feed 20 plants but you can never add too much


Our vermicompost is specially made for:

  • Pot plants - pot plants get isolated from the natural environment and lose their connection to the normal beneficial microorganisms. So our vermicompost will add rich biology to your pot plants so that they can help fight pests.
  • Vegetable gardens - vegetables are quick growing plants with short life cycles so they require nutrients on demand. Vermicompost compost has a high variety of nutrients which is accessible to roots immediately. It will also continue to unlock nutrients in the soil through the organisims in the compost
  • Sensitive plants – special plants require sensitive care. Our vermicompost has a full range of nutrients which will ensure that the plant gets a balanced meal
  • Indoor plants – indoor plants are normally weakened by being in an un-natural environment. Our vermicompost revives indoor soil so that the plant has more defense to disease. 


Vermicompost (10L)

SKU: 10025
  • We deliver the vermicompost in bags and we ask that you keep the bags for us to reuse the next time you order

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