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Home rustic raised vegetable box ideal for small vegetables such as lemon grass, spring onion, garlic, chives, chilies, rosemary etc


  • Made from recycled pallet wood by an informal carpenter using Fairtrade principles
  • Screws tightened in such a way to not reduce life
  • Excludes soil but that can also be obtained on our store
  • Protected using linseed oil to avoid heavy metals - no need for lining


The boxes are made by Moyo - an 'informal carpenter'. We knew that these boxes are in high demand but he was not selling much so we offered to help him sell them. He designs and makes them, and we only varnish them with Linseed oil.


The problem with a raised box is that its soil system gets isolated from the natural system and therefore dies out, so you need to give it a dose of biology to reduce the chances of disease in your plants. Be sure to add a bag of vermicompost to boost it

Raised Garden Box

SKU: 00103
  • The wood is protected using vegetable oil instead of varnish so there is no risk of heavy metals. Therefore, you do not need to use any liner in the box.

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