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Product Information

A course mulch for garden borders and vegetable gardens. Mulch is important to reduce the penetration of sunlight into the soil which helps to preserve moisture.


  • No weeds 100% organic
  • No smell
  • Covers 150-200m2


Mulch is partially composted shredded garden waste. We take the shredded garden was through the normal compost process but halfway through, when we see the white mycelium network developing, we halt the compost process. This creates a mulch that is the right carbon:nitrogen ratio for your garden.


Choose your area to calculate delivery surcharge as it costs us more in fuel to drive further.

Subscribed recycling customers get 5% off

Mulch (delivery incl.)

    1. Driver will only be able to offload and go
    2. No moving the mulch
Side panel pattern-01-05.jpg
Side panel pattern-01-05.jpg
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