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Product Information

If your Bokashi bucket is full but you have nowhere to bury it, we will collect it and compost it for you, and we'll give you back a full bucket of compost.

  • Order a collection when you need it
  • We'll collect your bucket from your curbside on a scheduled day
  • We'll give you another bucket to continue your Bokashi
  • The bucket we give you will be full of compost (thermophilic compost)
  • The service costs R250 once-off for one bucket and + R25 per additional bucket and the same each time you need a pickup
  • Add Bokashi to your cart for your convenience


If you don't need compost back, use the coupon "No-compost" on checkout to receive a R25 discount

Bokashi Pickup

    1. The bucket you receive back may not be the same brand as the bucket you give us
    2. Unfortunately we can't empty your bucket upon pickup because of potential odour
    3. The bucket you receive has been sanitized however it will still contain the distinct Bokashi scent 
    4. 'Quantity' is for in case you want to purchase pickups for multiple homes
    5. When checking out, choose 'Door to Door delivery'. There is no drop-off for this service yet
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Side panel pattern-01-05.jpg
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