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Biochar is a soil enhancer which adds structure to the soil, and is especailly good for clay soils… When the soil structure changes, the soil properties also change. Examples of how structure affects soil properties are:

  • More airspaces - Reduces chance of waterlogging

  • More surface area - Higher water holding capacity

  • More negative charge - Higher pH, higher nutrient holding capacity

These structural changes will remain over time. This means that soil enhancers lead to a long term improvement of the soil. 


Biochar is a fixed carbon structure that improves the soil structure over hundreds of years. It is a soil enhancer and contains no nutrients by itself. One structural change when using biochar is that there is a larger surface area and more negative charge. The soil has now the potential to store more nutrients at the time. 

To fulfill the nutrient storage potential, nutrients have to be added. This is where fertilizer is needed! What you know as "charging" is combining a soil enhancer (biochar) with a fertilizer (manure) to get the highest benefit.


Particle size : 0.425 – 1.64mm granule



Iodine Number471 mg/g
Fixed Carbon Content90 %
Ash Content3 %
Moisture content5 %
Bulk Density80 kg/m3
Average pore Diameter18 Å
Total Pore Volume245 cm3/kg
Micro-pore (below 1 nm) Volume182 cm3/kg
Total Surface Area551 m2/g
Micro-pore(below 1 nm) Area471 m2/g

Biochar (5L)

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