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Dear Locked-Down Recycler

Our President has announced that from 01 May 2020 lockdown will reduce from Level 5 to Level 4. Under Level 4 restrictions recycling operations are permitted to continue, therefore we are pleased to inform you that our food waste collection service will resume in May. On 30 April we will confirm the exact date of the first collection as we might have to change the day. We will also inform you if we can do a special collection on 01 May for those who have been storing their food waste with absolute determination to recycle it.

Although restrictions have been reduced slightly, the risk of spreading coronavirus is still present, therefore we will take strict precautions when doing collections. We also ask you to take sanitary precautions when handling your bin. If you suspect that your food waste might be contaminated with the virus, we ask that you please place the bin bag outside instead of the bin, and tie a red ribbon around it so we know to take extra precaution.

For customers who use the debit order service, the order will resume on 28 April and you don’t need to do anything. For customers who pay manually, you will receive an updated statement on 28 April.

For April's payment, some customers have chosen to participate in the seedling program where they will receive seedlings to the value of their payment. 5 seedlings were delivered to those customers on 25 March and they will receive 20 more in the coming weeks. We are busy preparing them now. This time the seedlings will be delivered in a slightly different container so that they don't need transplanting and will have enough nutrients to carry on growing. Rest assured that any payments made to us are recorded and we will ensure that you receive the same value.

Thank you for supporting us, giving us ideas, and rooting for us. We are eternally grateful and feel like we have the best customers in the world.

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