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Composting for Kids: Fun and Educational Activities to Get Started

Introducing children to composting is a wonderful way to nurture their connection with nature and teach them about sustainability from a young age. Composting offers hands-on learning opportunities about the cycle of life, responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Here are engaging and educational composting activities that will turn young learners into eco-conscious individuals.

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Create a Worm Bin Together

  • Activity: Building a worm bin is an exciting project that can be done with common household items. Let the kids help set up the bin, add bedding, and gently place the worms in their new home.

  • Learning Outcome: Children will learn about vermicomposting and the important role worms play in breaking down organic waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Compost Layering Game

  • Activity: Turn composting into a game by teaching kids how to layer ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ in a compost bin. Use real compost materials or create a card game with pictures of compostable items.

  • Learning Outcome: This activity helps children understand the balance needed in composting between nitrogen-rich materials (greens) and carbon-rich materials (browns).

Compost Diary

  • Activity: Encourage kids to keep a compost diary, where they can draw or write about what they add to the compost bin, observe changes, and note any wildlife they see interacting with the compost.

  • Learning Outcome: Keeping a diary fosters observation and record-keeping skills, teaching kids to notice the decomposition process and the ecosystem around the compost bin.

"What's Compostable?" Sorting Game

  • Activity: Create a sorting game with household items, where kids decide if an item is compostable or not. This can be a physical game with actual items or a digital game with pictures.

  • Learning Outcome: Children will learn what can and cannot be composted, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste and recycling organics.

Grow a Plant from Compost

  • Activity: Allow children to plant seeds in finished compost and take care of their plant. They can document the plant's growth in their compost diary.

  • Learning Outcome: This activity teaches kids about the full cycle of composting, from waste to compost to growing food, highlighting the value of compost in supporting plant life.

Visit a Local Composting Facility or Community Garden

  • Activity: Organize a visit to a local composting facility or community garden that practices composting. Many places offer educational tours tailored to children.

  • Learning Outcome: Kids can see composting on a larger scale, reinforcing what they’ve learned at home and understanding the community's role in sustainability.

Compost Art

  • Activity: Use compost materials like leaves, small sticks, and non-diseased plant debris to create art projects or a compost collage.

  • Learning Outcome: This artistic activity encourages creativity while teaching kids about the variety of materials that can be composted.


Composting activities provide a fun and meaningful way to engage children with the environment and teach them about the importance of sustainability. By incorporating these activities into their routine, kids can develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the natural world, laying the foundation for lifelong eco-conscious habits.

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