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Community, Compost and the Cycles of Life

They say that one man's waste is another man's treasure.

This could be no truer than in the world of compost.

Every home has some organic food waste

When we throw away our organic food waste..(Possibly thinking nothing more of where it goes-no longer useful to us), It can either go into a dump and be wasted and become a burden to us,  or it can go back into the cycles of life.. it  becomes a perfect food source to a host of creatures, plants, fungi, bacteria, enzymes etc and eventually even back to us again.

When you think about it deeply, compost seems to be the holy grail that our scientists of old were looking for. The elixir of life.  A beautiful metaphor where death, and gross, disgusting,  decaying matter comes to life again, and feeds us with the richest of fruits and vegetables we could find. 

The treasures are manifold. 

As gardeners we delight in the wonderful qualities of this soil that is fluffy and spongy, dark and rich, alive, dynamic and biologically diverse .

We delight in how quickly our fruit and vegetables grow, and how healthy they look, and when it's time for harvest, we delight in the texture and taste and feeling. 

We are inspired to work hard to grow more, eat well, share excess produce and seeds..And inspire others to do the same.. these fresh organic foods become a treasure for all of us, which in turn keeps us all happy and healthy.

... when we create healthy environments, we all thrive and grow. 

And so it goes round.

-Mary Howe-Watson for The Compost Kitchen

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