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Cultivate curiosity, not just clicks:
Start your family's composting journey

R210/month. No smell. No mess

Join 350+ composting families in JHB

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Kids these days are spending too much time on their devices and we need to get them to play outside more.


Composting is a different, innovative way to get kids interested in gardening.

Use our service to let them experience their food waste turning into compost.


Every weekend, spend some time with them in the garden to show them how to use the compost to

grow organic vegetables again.

Food Waste Collection

Weekly collection from your home

Sign up

in 30 seconds


You receive a food waste bin in 2 days


Place your bin outside every week


Our earthworms have dinner


You get back 2kg of vermicompost every month

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Reduce Screen Time, Increase Green Time

Is your family's screen time overshadowing green time? It's time to bring balance back with the joys of composting!


Our easy and fun composting service is designed to engage your kids in the wonders of nature, right in your backyard. Watch their fascination grow as they learn how everyday kitchen scraps transform into rich, life-giving soil.


Not only is this a hands-on educational experience, but it's also a meaningful step towards sustainable living. With our service, you'll turn screen time into green time, nurturing a love for the environment in your children’s hearts. Let's embark on this green journey together, fostering healthier habits and a deeper connection with nature for your family!

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Join the composting movement

"In the face of climate change and increasing temperatures and water scarcity, reducing food waste also has a significant role to play in our transition to a low-carbon society."


- Barbara Creecy, Minister of Forestry and Fisheries and Environmental Affairs

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If you can't finish your food, our worms will!

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