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Wasted food is wasted money.
But you can still put it to good use...

R210/month. No stink. No mess

When you buy a R33 bunch of bananas from Woolworths, 33% of the weight of the bunch is peels. That means you are paying R11 for peels each time.

Therefore, a year's worth of banana peels costs you R600. What a waste...


If you add up the cost of peels of potatoes,  carrots, or food that got rotten, you are throwing more than R5000 a year into the bin.

Rather have it composted for you

so that your money is not

a complete waste.

Food Waste Collection

Weekly collection from your home

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in 30 seconds


You receive a special food waste bin tomorrow


Place your bin outside every week


Our earthworms have dinner


You get back 2kg of vermicompost every month

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350+ zero-waste families in JHB

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Don't let your food go to waste

We collect your organic kitchen waste, and return it to you once our hungry earthworms have transformed it into ‘vermicompost’.

This is a new model of recycling - where you get something back.

Every month you will get back 2kg of of high quality vermicompost,

which you can use in your vegetable garden to grow food again.

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Get back

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Offloadind organic waste into bucket_Mom

Food waste

If you can't finish your food, our worms will!

The Compost Kitchen (Pty) Ltd

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Dainfern, Johannesburg

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