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We collect your food waste and give you back vermicompost to grow organic food again!


In order to improve the water security of SA, we need to repair our soils. 

We can do this by adding organic matter to the soil which helps the soil hold onto water.

Use our composting service to turn your food waste into compost that you can use to heal your own soil.


Heal Your Soil

Weekly collection from your home

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in 30 seconds


You receive a special food waste bin tomorrow


Place your bin outside every week


Our earthworms have dinner


You get back 2kg of vermicompost every month

350+ zero-waste families in JHB

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Join the Circular Economy

"In the face of climate change and increasing temperatures and water scarcity, reducing food waste also has a significant role to play in our transition to a low-carbon society."


- Minster Barbara Creecy

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Live More Sustainably

Have you ever felt that pang of regret when you toss away food? It's that split-second moment—a moment of hesitation, a moment of reflection. It's the weight of knowing that what you're discarding could have been so much more.

Imagine turning that feeling of waste into worth. Every apple core, every leftover dinner plate, each item that lands in the bin—a chance for renewal. Through composting, these discarded scraps become a source of growth, enriching the soil, nurturing gardens, and contributing to a sustainable future.

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Get back

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Food waste

Doing your part towards the SDGs


If you can't finish your food, our worms will!

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