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You can sow seeds of change,
start composting your food waste

R210/month, no stink, no mess

Join 350+ sustainable families in JHB

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The soil is the foundation of life on Earth but it is being destroyed in South Africa. Saving our soil is the first step to creating change.

When you compost your food scraps, you reduce waste while saving the soil and healing the planet.

Use our composting service to turn your food waste into compost that you can use to save SA's soil, 1 garden at a time.

Save Our Soil

Weekly collection from your home

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in 30 seconds


You receive a food waste bin within 2 days


Place your bin outside every week


Our earthworms have dinner


You get back 2kg of vermicompost every month

Join the Zero Waste Movement

"In the face of climate change and increasing temperatures and water scarcity, reducing food waste also has a significant role to play in our transition to a low-carbon society."


- Minster Barbara Creecy

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Sustainability Starts with Soil

"95% of life on Earth depends directly or indirectly on the top 5cm of soil" - Sadhguru

Soil, often referred to as the Earth's skin, plays a vital role in supporting life and maintaining ecological balance. By nurturing and restoring soil health, we contribute significantly to environmental healing.


Healthy soil acts as a carbon sink, absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus helping mitigate climate change. In Permaculture it is well known that rich soil also improves water retention, reduces erosion, and enhances biodiversity, while promoting sustainable farming.


Ultimately, investing in soil health is not just about preserving landscapes; it's about securing a resilient and thriving planet for generations to come.

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Get back

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Food waste

Doing your part towards the SDGs


If you can't finish your food, our worms will!

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