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Vermi Buy Back

Earn Income From Making
Vermicompost at Home
What is Vermi Buy Back?

One day we hope to see South Africa become an organic farming state and we think the best way to achieve this dream is by getting society to help farmers repair their soil. So we invented a model where we will pay you to make vermicompost at home from your organic waste and then we will sell it to small farmers at a competitive rate. This is the new #FarmingEvolution and we need you to be a part of it!

How Does It Work?

You buy a membership card of the programme for R300

We deliver your worm products if you purchased some

You make vermicompost at home from your organic waste

We buy back your vermicompost when we are in your neighbourhood with our mobile buy back centre

The more you make, the more you earn

This is a completely new system to the world so please take time to learn how it works

Video coming soon

It's a Win-Win-Win Model

It allows you to earn side income from your food waste 

It allows the small farmer to lower their input costs while transitioning to organic

It allows us to obtain a large quantity of vermicompost at a lower cost than if we were to set up a massive facility

How much do you earn?

The amount you earn depends on the Reward Level that you are on. The more vermicompost you sell to us, the more you earn. Eventually you can reach level X where you become and Authorized Distributor of Compost Kitchen Products, allowing you to earn from other parts of our business and maybe contribute a significant portion of your income!

Terms explained


The amount you earn depends on your Reward Level. As you sell more vermicompost back to us, your Reward Level will increase, allowing you to earn even more

Level Range

1kg of vermicompost = 1 point.
Your Total Points Earned are the amount of points you have acquired since the start. You will start at Level 1 and you need 50 points to go to Level 2 

Quality Grade

When we buy back your vermicompost, we will analyse if it is A or B quality using methods explained in FAQ.

Buy Back Price

This is the price we will pay per kg of your vermicompost. We pay more for Grade A than Grade B.

Excited? Join as follows
  1. To join the programme you need to purchase a once-off membership card for R300.

  2. We will then send you a welcome pack while we create your membership account. 

  3. After your membership account has been created, we will video call you to verify that you are making vermicompost at home.

  4. If you don't have a vermicomposting bin yet then you can add one to your cart while purchasing a membership card.

  5. You will then be able to download our VermiBuy app where you can manage your account and request payouts. 

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to purchase a membership card?

This is a compltely original model so there is some admin get you set up in the system. You can earn much more than the once-off fee by making a lot of compost. We call it a micro-business - you have to invest to get returns. It gets you:

  • Welcome pack
  • Unique membership card
  • Vermicomposting guide
  • Access to VermiBuy app
Without the membership card someone cannot sell vermicompost to us because we cannot verify its origin.

How much can I earn?

Typically a 4 person household produces 24kg of kitchen scraps per month and 30kg of garden waste per month. This can be recycled into about 27kg of vermicompost per month. If you are on Level 5, that could earn you R175/month, from waste you were throwing away. However, if you are loving composting, you can increase your composting operation at home to make larger volumes and earn up to R6000/month! We have a community which will teach you how - join our Composting SA Facebook group to get ideas.

How is the Quality Grade determined?

For now all samples will be classified as Grade A until we develop more sophistacted instruments to analyze vermicompost

How do I make vermicompost?

We have plenty of tools on our store to help you make vermicompost. For detailed guidlines, see our blog here

Where do I go to sell my vermicompost?

We have mobile buy back centres that rotate around the city, either on trucks or at organic markets. We'll let you know when we're in your area so you can bring your vermicompost to us to sell it. We'll weight it and measure its quality and then load the sale on your account.

How does the VermiBuy app work?

You will only be able to download the app and sign in once your account has been created. Thereafter you will be able to track your transactions and request payouts from your earnings. See the video for more

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