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A worm tower is a mini worm farm that you plant in your vegtable garden, that provides an ongoing supply of rich, oraganic fertilizer.


Thw burried worm tower allows you to feed the soil without having to dig to bury the waste, or to risk having it exposed to the surface where it may attract flies, rats or pets. Compostable waste can be dropped into the tower where worms enter through the holes on the side and eat it. The worms then exit the tower to scatter castings around your garden and also aerate the soil when they burrow around. Plants love this worm fertilizer and will grow larger and healthier with it.


  • 50cm total length, 30cm buried length
  • Painted to protect against weather and to look nice
  • Earthworms sold seperately
  • Price is per tower

Worm Tower

SKU: 10121
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