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Doggy Doo Doo is a safe, neat, hygienic and sustainable way to dispose of pet waste. It's a bit of a strange topic, but we know people with pets are struggling with this so we developed a solution.


It is a box (sold seperately) which is buried in the ground and open to the soil at the bottom. Pet waste is dropped inside, and a microorganism treatment, which is used in the Waste Water Treatment industry, is added to break down the waste naturally.


This sachet contains microorganisms which are scientifically formulated to naturally bio-degrade dog feces. It helps to prevent odour, while speeding up decay.


  • Natural - we use a formulation of microorganisms to break down the waste - no chemicals. This way it will naturally dissolve into the soil over time
  • Odourless - our Pet Waste Treatment breaks down the feces in an aerobic manner, avoiding odour
  • For dogs only at this time as we haven't tested it with cat waste yet (because we don't have cats ;))
  • We do not recommend that you use this in your own DIY box because the system also needs to have earthworms, and you need a machine to make the hole very deep. We include all of this in a Doggy Doo Doo Kit


How it works:

  1. Mix a sachet with 10L water (dechlorinated preferable)
  2. Pour into Doggy Doo Doo box
  3. Use 1 sachet / month per box
  4. Use 2 sachets / month per box in summer if desired
  5. Keep out of reach of children
  6. Wash hands after use


For full guidelines visit:

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Pet Waste Treatment

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