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Our own design horizontal migration wormery

The biggest challenge which vermicomposting systems have to solve is how to separate the compost from the worm. Our box takes advantage of the worm's behaviour to always migrate to where the food is to easily separate the worm from compost. By feeding in a certain pattern, we can induce the worms to move to certain compartments, leaving the compost behind so that we can harvest it easily.


  • Includes 500 earthworms
  • Includes operating instructions and earthworm guide
  • Includes after sales support
  • Made from recycled wood sourced fairly from an informal carpenter


What can you feed to the worms: raw fruit and veg, tea bags, coffee grounds
Avoid: cooked food and animal products

Earthworm House

SKU: 10034
  • When you purchase our vermicomposting box, we'll send you a care guide which is compiled from a lot of scientific information and only available to our customers

  • Join the Composting SA Facebook group to get help or share your experience

Side panel pattern-01-05.jpg
Side panel pattern-01-05.jpg
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