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Use Earth Probiotic’s Bokashi system to easily and quickly recycle your food waste into soil food. Bokashi is a pre-composting process which prepares food waste for full composting.


  • 25L Food waste bin Ideal for households or B&B operators.
  • Internal strainer to prevent the tap from blocking, made from from 100% recycled polypropylene.
  • The bin is made from 65% recycled material. 
  • No More Smelly Bins! No More Flies! 
  • Recycle ALL your food waste including cooked and uncooked meat, seafood, bones, dairy, citrus and egg shells.
  • Bins include lids, taps and internal strainer.
  • This product is 100% South African produced and brewed locally.


Simply layer food waste with Bokashi in Earth Probiotic’s airtight bin. Once full leave to stand for two weeks to complete fermentation. Thereafter, the fermented waste can be composted with garden waste, trenched into soil or fed to a worm farm. 

Recycling food waste helps reduce your personal carbon footprint and ensures a safer and cleaner home/kitchen environment while adding valuable nutrients, minerals and micro organisms into your soil. 

Bokashi Bin

SKU: 30003
  • During fermentation the contents of a bokashi bin release a leachate which can be used, diluted, as a liquid fertiliser. Or, undiluted, as a drain cleaner.

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