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Welcome to Telescope Evening

It's a bit hard to travel at the moment so the world can start to feel a bit small. So we are bringing a stargazing experience to your home to remind your family how big life is. We'll set up a professional telescope at your home to experience an unforgettable evening exploring the stars. Seeing other worlds somehow helps us find our own…


Tour of the sky

We'll take you on a tour of the sky which includes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, The Moon, and much more you didn't know was there!

At your home

We'll bring a Celestron Nexstar 8SE telescope for you to view the stars in the comfort of your home. COVID19 precautions taken. One hour or two hour sessions available 


Available in Fourways

Telescope Evening is only available in secure estates in Fourways area at the moment due to safety precautions










In this one hour tour of the night sky, we will view single stars, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, clusters, shooting stars (maybe) and the Moon. You will also learn how to operate the telescope and point it where you like to possibly discover something new. 

This introductory tour is designed as an interesting experience rather than an astronomy lecture. We ourselves are not astronomy experts, but we have been doing amateur sky tours since 2012 and can definitely inspire your mind. It is more for people who have never seen planets before but have been having a lot of questions when they look up. 

You will be able to take photos through the eyepiece of the telescope, however, nothing will beat seeing it with your eye. The photos on this website are all taken with my phone so it is an example of what to expect. If you are a more serious photographer, it is better to book a 2 hour session because it can take some time to get the perfect shot. Also, remember not to expect to see the planets in great detail because those photos online are taken with Hubble telescope in space. Regardless, you will definitely be able to distinguish the planets and you will not forget the feeling of seeing them.

If weather is bad on the day then you can reschedule free of charge.
What's available to see depends on the day of the year but generally Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and The Moon will be visible until the beginning of 2021 at least. Visibility of the moon depends on the phase and it is generally best to view the moon when it is not full.
Your house needs to have a place where the sky is visible. The more sky we can see, the more interesting things we can find. 

Set up from 30 mins before start time.
Pack up for 30 mins after end time.
All equipment is sanitized before use to be COVID19 safe, and I will be wearing a mask at all times.
To book your slot, you just have to send me a message on Whatsapp using the button below.

  • Introduction to the night sky

    1,000 South African rand
  • Extra time for taking photos or for larger groups

    1,750 South African rand

Please note this page is hosted on my day business's site to make it easier to run. 

Payments will be processed by The Compost Kitchen.

Enjoy your evening, regards, Himkaar Singh +27 82 673 5955,